April 16, 2009


In honor of the new baseball season, here are some quick links to some entertaining diamond videos. Enjoy!

Switch-pitcher. That's right, a switch-pitcher in the minors.

Insane, behind-the-back pitch by Japanese pitcher. Somehow, it's called a strike, but this seems to be "set-up," as there are no people in the stands, and the batter isn't wearing a helmet. But it's still freakin' cool.

Droperatta Fairly funny clip set to operatic music. A good waste of about a minute.

Japanese Dropped Third Strike I'm not sure if Japanese rules are exactly the same as U.S. rules, but in the States this would not count, as there were both two outs (ending the inning) and first base was covered by a base runner. But still kind of funny to watch.

Denis Leary Announcing and ripping on Mel Gibson. After Denis finds out Kevin Youkilis is Jewish, he begins ranting on Mel, to hilarious results.

Here's your relevant YouTube video:

Centerfield by John Fogerty

And of course, you can't have baseball with the Simpsons:

The Softball Song from Homer at the Bat

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