February 16, 2012

LEGO. Major League Baseball. You Know You Want It.

A couple of years ago, Gus Ramsey brought up a question on the B.S. Report that should have been completed years ago: Why aren't there LEGO(c) versions of MLB stadiums?

To that end, Gus and I have spearheaded a grassroots effort to make this all-too-important dream a reality.  i mean, really, what Pittsburgh Pirates fan wouldn't want a LEGO version of PNC Park?

And not to anger half of Pennsylvania, but for you Phillies here is Citizen's Bank in Philadelphia:

Credit for the above stadiums goes to Jason Burik & Burik Model Design.

If you want to be part of the growing LEGO & MLB mission, you can follow us at @Lego_MLB on Twitter, like us on Facebook at LEGO, Please Create MLB Licensed Stadium Sets.

It's Thursday!

Since it's a random Thursday in February, I decided to update the blog.  It had been about two years with the same fireworks picture/layout/yadda, so why not?

I also wanted to post just to let you know I'm serious this time.  I really am.  I'm not just going to promise you blogs and follow through.  Again.  I'm not going to say I'm going to the gas station for cigarettes and somehow end up in Florida with the rest of the deadbeat bloggers.