March 18, 2011

Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History

This post should be a short-but-sweet recommendation for any history buffs out there.

I've subscribed to Common Sense with Dan Carlin (a political podcast, iTunes link here) for a few months now. The show's host prides himself on "Original and outside-the-box thinking on current events and history," but in reality, Mr. Carlin typically shows himself to be a rational thinker who takes the time to digest both sides of whichever two issues he presents bi-monthly. Additionally, the two issues generally coincide to some degree, although it can be a tenuous link from show to show. Recent shows have covered the Wisconsin budget debate/union debacle, and public participation in governmental policy. However, the real reason I'm recommending Dan Carlin is his "Hardcore History" podcast.

Hardcore History (here is the iTunes link) is a new look at some of history's most fascinating periods. The series generally updates every two months, so there is a wealth of back-logged shows on iTunes currently. The first series I listened to was Carlin's "Ghosts of the Ostfront", which chronicles the Russian-German battle to the death on the eastern edge of World War II. The depth of research is fantastic, and the imagery is at times shocking. I'm currently in the midst of "Death Throes of the Republic," in which Carlin takes an in-depth look at the Roman Empire as it teetered on the edge of collapse.

I cannot recommend either of these podcasts highly enough, and if pressed I would go with Hardcore History, even if the releases are so distant from one another. If you're interested in a well-structured point of view that may not be your own, or are looking for a historical piece to stretch your knowledge, check out Dan Carlin, and his corresponding podcasts, available on iTunes.

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